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Shipping & Returns

Learn how shipping & returns work on MeriApp


The supplier has to ship or dispatch the order within 24 – 48 hours from him/her side.

Steps of Shipping your orders

. Manage and process your order from MeriApp Supplier Panel

You need to do the below on the MeriApp supplier panel in order to process your order.
– Accept your order
– Download label and Manifest

2. Pack your products and keep it ready for pick-up

Procure plain packaging material with no branding and ensure that the product is packed properly.

3. Place order delivery from your own side

After the product is dispatch from your side enter tracking code and currier company name in the order panel on MeriApp supplier panel

4. Dispatch Timeline

You need to dispatch the orders within the agreed time provided by you (also known as SLA- Service Level Agreement and is generally 1-2 days from receiving the order) to avoid any late dispatch penalty. You will be able to check the time allowed for dispatching your orders on the MeriApp Supplier Panel.

5. Delay in dispatch of orders

If you delayed to dispatch order within the given period of time or sending defected product or wrong product you will lose your customer and get a negative review from your reseller and after a limit of negative reviews MeriApp will deactivate your account for a certain period of time

Returns on MeriApp

We have a opening video policy for our customers within 2 days of product delivery. This creates greater trust for a customer to place orders with us and to stop fake returns for suppliers.

. Return Penalties

If a product is returned by a customer if suppliers found faulted the supplier need to pay only currier charges of shipping and returns placed by supplier or customers 

Cancellation of Orders

In case of cancellation of orders from supplier refund the amount or order to customer on immediate basics